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RESOLVE Power Quality: Remote Monitoring Covid-19 & Brexit

RESOLVE Power Quality: Remote Monitoring Covid-19 & Brexit

Access to production facilities in a Covid era can be restrictive and slow. You can't afford downtime and the head-ache of delayed service. Additionally, Brexit has complicated access to replacement parts.

ResourceKraft Resolve prevents expensive equipment problems before they occur. Resolve monitors for dirty power entering your facility. Dirty power causes transient voltage and current variations in the waveform that cause imbalances in power quality. Resolve software allows you to remotely examine swells, sags, harmonic, power factor and more.

Resolve Power Quality: Protect Mission Critical Equipment

Resolve Power Quality: Protect Mission Critical Equipment

Controlling production and maintenance is essential in the Covid & Brexit era. Components can be hard to source quickly. Access to Covid restricted facilities is complicating and slowing service. Organisations can't afford disruption from motor burnout and controller downtime.

Many plant engineers and managers only look at fixing the symptom - the broken hardware. They don't have the data to identify the possible route cause - electrical problems. The result is expensive, quick fix, solutions to get production up and running in the short-term.

Hospital services are often disrupted by poor power quality, causing extensive damage to MRI and CAT Scan equipment.

It is now even more essential to diagnose and resolve problems before they occur. ResourceKraft Resolve real-time power quality meter is easy to install by in-house plant engineers. Resolve can identify electrical distribution issues such as harmonics, power factor, swells, and sags. These issues can easily lead to inefficient factory productivity and performance.

Resolve analyses power quality in a precise and scalable manner. Resolve detects costly error conditions in electrical performance. Resolve alerts plant managers in real-time when errors occur - allowing plant engineers and managers to fix the real problem BEFORE equipment damage occurs.